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Top 10 Power Electronics Solution Companies - 2021

Power electronics has come a long way since discrete power devices and esoteric design approaches that required continuous involvement from experienced power engineers. Today, power electronics has expanded into the world of systems integration through a close combination of high-speed networking, microprocessors for smart power designs, and ingenious thermal management approaches to help keep electronics cool.

The industry is beginning to recognize the advantages of wide bandgap materials like gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC). Power semiconductors based on GaN and SiC technologies offer a path to an efficient power supply in industrial environments while also complementing the expansion of the renewable energy segment. Internet of Things (IoT) has also found its place in the industry to support power electronic components in the grids. It helps reduce power consumption and improve system management. Furthermore, IoT plays a key role in the measurement, control, and monitoring of the power electronic components.

We have compiled this issue of Semiconductor Review with an intention to assist companies in finding accomplished solution providers that can contribute to the growth of their business. This edition lists the top 10 power electronics solution providers in 2021 to highlight the organizations that can increase your growth chances. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these solution providers are set to transform the power electronics landscape. This edition also blends through the thought leadership from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs, with real-life stories on how the solution providers have enhanced their clients’ capabilities. We hope this issue of Semiconductor Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s “Top 10 Power Electronics Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Power Electronics Solution Companies

  • Applied Energy is a total solution provider of surge suppressing, voltage stabilizing ground reference devices

  • Enhance Electronics specializes in providing industrial power supply products like industrial and military computers and low acoustic power supply devices for submarines, extensively used in German and US military services. It also provides access control devices

  • SimpleChips, is a fabless semiconductor and intellectual property supplier specializing in high voltage, optoelectronic, and sensor integrated circuit designs. SimpleChips applies its deep understanding of process and device physics, mixed-signal semiconductor integrated circuit design to achieve optimum product size, power, and performance goals

  • Infineon Technologies

    Infineon Technologies

    Infineon Technologies is a semiconductor company that manufactures microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors, and automotive and power management integrated circuits. Infineon Technologies is focused on three critical challenges confronting modern society: energy efficiency, communications, and security. The company provides semiconductors and system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics, chip card and security applications, as well as communications applications

  • Microchip Technology

    Microchip Technology

    Microchip Technology Inc. is a market leader in embedded control systems that are intelligent, connected, and secure. Its simple-to-use development tools and broad product selection enable customers to construct optimal designs that minimise risk while minimising total system cost and time to market. Over 125,000 clients benefit from the company's solutions in the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defence, communications, and computing areas. Microchip, headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, provides superior technical support, as well as consistent delivery and quality

  • Monolithic Power Systems

    Monolithic Power Systems

    Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) designs and manufactures tiny, extremely energy-efficient, and simple-to-use power solutions for industrial applications, telecommunications infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications. MPS' objective is to lower the overall amount of energy consumed by our customers' systems and to provide them with environmentally friendly, practical, and compact solutions. MPS can be contacted via its website at or through its global support locations. Michael R. Hsing created the company in 1997 and it is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington

  • ON Semiconductor

    ON Semiconductor

    onsemi is a disruptive innovator dedicated to assisting in the creation of a better future. With a focus on automotive and industrial end markets, the firm is speeding transformation across a range of megatrends, including vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. Onsemi develops intelligent power and sensor solutions that address the world's most challenging challenges and pave the way for a safer, cleaner, and smarter society

  • Power Integrations

    Power Integrations

    Power Integrations designs, develops, markets, and produces analogue integrated circuits operating at high voltages (ICs). Its integrated circuits and diodes enable AC-DC power supplies for a wide variety of electronic items, including smartphones, televisions, personal computers, appliances, smart utility metres, and LED lighting. AC-DC converters, IGBT drivers, and LED drivers are among the company's products. Klas Eklund, Art Fury, and Steve Sharp formed Power Integrations in 1988 in San Jose, California.

  • SL Power Electronics

    SL Power Electronics

    SL Power Electronics is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of distinctive internal and external AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion systems for the most demanding Medical, Test & Measurement, Lighting, and Industrial markets. SL Power Electronics provides turnkey power conversion solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for their most mission critical applications, ranging from custom solutions to standard or modified standard products. With nearly 60 years of experience in power, SL Power's solutions portfolio provides OEMs with exceptional thermal, EMI/EMC, density, and ruggedness performance. OEMs can anticipate innovative designs, industry-leading product performance, worldwide reach with dual manufacturing in North America and Asia, and responsiveness from SL Power

  • Vishay Intertechnology

    Vishay Intertechnology

    Dr. Felix Zandman established Vishay Intertechnology in 1962 with a loan from his relative Alfred P. Slaner. Dr. Zandman's ancestral hamlet in Lithuania was chosen as the Company's name in honour of family relatives who perished in the Holocaust. The Company's first product line included foil resistors and foil resistance strain gauges. In 1985, having developed from a start-up to the world's largest maker of foil resistors and strain gauges, the Company initiated a series of strategic acquisitions aimed at establishing itself as a broad-line manufacturer of electronic components. Vishay Intertechnology is today one of the largest makers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components in the world. As Vishay Intertechnology expanded via innovation and acquisitions, its resistive foil technology products were relegated to non-core companies. Vishay Intertechnology broke off three non-core operations in 2010 to become a separate company that is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange: Group Vishay Precision